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What Are Strategic Drivers?

Strategies don’t happen in a vacuum. They are influenced by a variety of external and internal forces that are important to shape an organization’s future.... ...

If our customer service strategy consists of

If our customer service strategy consists of mollifying angry customers, we will always be behind.   Work becomes a fire drill and an endless chore.... ...

Do you have a dance partner?

I received shocking news. A very good friend of mine Indigo committed suicide. Indigo surrounded himself with admirers, willing to wait, to dance with him. ...
are you special

What makes you special? Why is it important?

The speciality of Google is speed and relevant results. The speciality of BMW, AUDI, Mercedes is quality. I sincerely believe each creation is special. ...

Dare to cut even 1 mark!

Mr Rastogikar was a bulky man, with a round face, a little rough look, a few darker spots gifted by chicken pox, a french cut... ...


These wonderful instructions to myself bring a smile to my heart. They also keep me on track.   Don’t argue, discuss. Don’t fight, connect. Don’t... ...