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Life School is about sharing experiences, learning, and co-creating methods to inspire a fulfilling life.
The organization is centered on inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials (through their signature program – Lets Explore).
Based on his own trials and tribulations of success, failure, and success again, the organization was founded by Naren (Narendra Goidani) to help and work with people to find their passion and strive to sustain it. India has produced many inspirational personalities, but has a potential to produce millions more. This is what Life School aspires to create – an environment of inspiration.
Life School has developed different models and initiatives to help people live, love and learn. The organization conducts programs across all age groups. It works with the youth to inculcate a habit of success, teamwork and contribution from an impressionable age. It helps corporates to create strong lasting brands. It helps organisations meet their training needs. It mentors leaders right at the top of the organisations.
Life School believes, teachers are the key to igniting change at the grass root levels. Through Life School Foundation, it has developed Keep Moving Movement (KMM). KMM is an initiative that travels around India to hold workshops for teachers across Tier I, II, and rural cities to demonstrate how they can make small changes to their pedagogy for larger impact. This movement has travelled to more than 60 cities across India and Sri Lanka, impacting more than 30000 teachers, and lakhs of students. Apart from these initiatives, the organization holds workshops for general public, business workshops, and Life Lessons every Sunday morning.
Life School is not made from theory, but built on experiences. It is not about instructions and idealistic ideas. It is all about practical, pragmatic and ‘breakout of your comfort zone’ actions. It is all about discovery, actualizing and maximizing our potentials.
It is about a culture of inspired living. This culture is what they call – Life School.

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