Many people have a hard time making decisions because they don’t know what is important.


Many people don’t need productivity or time management advice. They need conviction.


What can conviction lead to?


– Nobody predicted Amazon.
– Nobody predicted Apple.
– Nobody predicted Google.
– Nobody predicted PayTM.
– Nobody predicted RTGS.
– Nobody predicted ChatGPT.
– Nobody predicted ZOOM’s success.
– Nobody predicted What’s App.


Yet, leaders in these companies were convinced, they have an idea whose time has come.


I learnt ‘3 Powerful Rules for Life’ from them for me.

1. Never bet against a person who refuses to get disheartened.
2. Never bet against a person who is excited about changing.
3. Never bet against a person who just keeps showing up.


Showing up isn’t always easy or fun or beautiful. Showing up takes many different forms. Showing up can be crushing your 90 minute workout when you’re feeling motivated. Showing up can also be doing 10 pushups on a day when you’re feeling low.


It’s painful effort in the dark, when no one is watching.


How you show up in the dark determines how you perform under the lights. Isn’t it?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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