A baby was thrown into the dustbin as soon as she was born. This baby went on to captain the Australian Women’s cricket team and win four world cups.


There is an orphanage in Maharashtra’s Pune city, called ‘Srivastava Orphanage’.


On 13 August 1979 a girl was born in an unknown corner of the city, parents of the girl threw her into a trash donation outside an orphanage. The manager there named this sweet girl ‘Laila’


An American couple, Haren and Sue Sthalekar, came to India to adopt a boy. Sue looked at Laila and she fell in love with her bright brown eyes and innocent face.


After legal proceedings, the girl was adopted, Sue changed her name to Lisa, they moved back to America, but after a few years they settled permanently in Sydney.


Her father taught her to play cricket in the backyard of their home. This journey started from home, to the park, to playing with street boys to stadiums to international tournaments.


Led by her, Australian Women’s Cricket team won the Cricket World Cup in 2013.


Lisa Sthalekar describes her life story as “quite cool”.


“For as long as I can remember, I was always told that I was adopted. So I did not have to deal with any surprise announcement or unveiling. It was a normal life. My story was different from everyone else, which made it quite cool,” Lisa said.


Lisa turned her passion into an illustrious career, studded with several milestones.


1. A compact batter and offspinner, she became the first woman to score 1,000 runs and take 100 wickets in one-day internationals.

2. Lisa was part of four World Cup winnings squads – at the 2005 ODI WC, 2013 ODI WC, 2010 T20 WC and 2012 T20 WC.

3. She was inducted into Australian Cricket Hall of Fame.

4. When ICC’s ranking system started she was world’s number one all-rounder.

5. International Cricket Council (ICC) inducted Lisa Sthalekar into its Hall of Fame.


“It sure has been an interesting, rewarding life story. The big lesson from my life would be no matter what obstacles occur, if you are passionate, anything is possible with hard work,” Lisa said.


First she used to speak, then her bat started speaking and then her records started speaking.


Way to go Lisa. Thanks a million for inspiring us.


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