Dearest Darling Friends,


1. It all started with the fear of darkness.

2. Then came the fear of being alone.

3. And then, it was the fear of getting physically hurt.

4. That was followed by the fear of being taken away by “Budha Baba”.


Budha Baba was the bearded, unkempt, dangerous looking watchman of our housing society. He was an ultimate threat conjured by my mom to keep me disciplined.


5. Finally, I even had the fear of being hungry. Result? I ended up overeating every time. Ha ha.


By the way, what were your growing up fears? Was it some of the following?


– Fear of parents
– Fear of beatings
– Fear of teachers
– Fear of exams
– Fear of failures
– Fear of having no friends
– Fear of being misunderstood, – Fear of getting bitten by animals
– Fear of heights
– Fear of drowning
– Fear of public speaking
…or was it something else?


On a deeper note, more than 95% people succumb to their fears. Their potential dies or goes into a comma.


They seek safety and comforts and not progress nor breakthroughs.


How does that life look like?


They do known things.
They meet known people.
They do business with known people.
They treat people as they have always done.
They makes the same mistake over and over again…

and so on…


Are you one of them?


Less than 5% people are determined to deal with their fears and outgrow it.


1. These 5% people add value wherever they are.
2. They IMPACT the world around them.
3. They CHANGE lives.
4. They are COURAGEOUS.
5. They inspire.


Very simply described…


1. They do not let anything limit them.
2. They refuse to get manipulated by fear.
3. They take responsibility over their life with courage.
4. They wake up with energy.
5. They stride through the day with purpose.
6. They live free.


Do you know of such people? Do they strike a chord within you too? What do you do then?


Would love to know your thoughts…

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