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Waah Ustaad

What is the Waah Ustaad?
Why Waah Ustaad?
Who is Waah Ustaad for?
Course Structure
What is the Waah Ustaad?

The success of a company often depends on the success of its sales team. Despite the best product or service in the world, if your salespeople don’t have effective sales techniques, you will lose many potential customers and therefore huge profits.

  • Why most sales training programs contain large doses of motivational content?
  • How many professions come with a built-in fear of rejection?
  • Why so many salespeople are heavy smokers and drinkers?
  • Why do most people try to avoid salespeople?

Is there something fundamentally wrong with the way we sell, that causes these complications?


“Waah Ustaad” takes salespeople off their knees and puts them back on their feet, with dignity, where they belong. It makes salespeople look at themselves with pride and they become your organization’s brand ambassador in every client exchange. Waah Ustaad is a mind-blowing sales training program that has produced amazing results for 1000s of participants.


In the past few years, the world of selling has heavily changed. Rules are different. Fear, resistance and doubts wrestle within the mind of the salesperson.

  • Fear of rejection must be replaced with confidence and good sales techniques.
  • Resistance must be replaced by openness with the right motivation for a salesperson.
  • Relationships of mutual trust and respect must be established and strengthened.

Let’s play – To imagine the work of salespeople, think Pick-up-Sticks. When you played that childhood game, remember how many sticks you had to pick up before you got to the primary one? And remember how difficult it was to avoid moving the sticks because they were all so intertwined? This is what a client’s environment looks like. The problem you can resolve with your product is that the primary stick hidden within the tangle of others that need to be disentangled before they can buy.

As the modern consumer has learned how to dodge out sales, new sales training and better techniques have become more necessary than ever.

For details contact Jo @ 7721065000 / jo@lifeschool.co.in


Why Waah Ustaad?

Buyers don’t want to buy anything. They want to resolve the problem, that's it. How to do that is what the right sales training program does. We can help you create the salesman of today and tomorrow.


‘Waah Ustaad’ is such an incredible problem-solving training for sales people. It offers sales techniques that help salespeople in skill development in areas such as:


  • uncover customers said and unsaid (problems) needs,
  • create a trusting relationship, and
  • presenting an appropriate solution in a smart way.


Waah Ustaad explains the decision making process and how it affects sales, buyers, buying process and the salespeople.


Improved Communication Skills

Most salespeople love talking to people, although they may not possess well-rounded communication skills. Waah ustaad helps to foster skills such as listening in order to obtain an understanding of what the consumer truly needs and wants as well as the art of asking the right questions.


Overcoming Objections 

Our sales training programs enables salespeople to build pleasurable interactions with consumers that results in a win-win situation, making the consumer/client feel understood.


Boost in Productivity 

A properly executed training program can give your sales team the confidence it needs to take care of various tasks without being asked to. Waah ustaad provides your sales team with a clear and defined process and makes them more productive by motivating them to be more effective and efficient.


Increasing Knowledge of sales Methodologies 

Waah ustaad training program gives the salesperson a road map by teaching them a methodology that has proven to be successful as well as various closing techniques that obtains a commitment from the buyer which includes observation and determination of the various signals that show that the consumer is ready to buy.


Better Sales Decision 

A professional sales training program such as Waah ustaad will give your sales team the ability to accurately predict both short-term and long term sales goals allowing them to make better decisions to increase business.


Waah Ustaad is a comprehensive sales management training program with techniques and methods to achieve better than conventional results.


Waah Ustaad is a unique sales training program in Pune that helps you to put together –


  • Great negotiation skills.
  • Great sales processes.
  • Great sales openings.
  • Great sales closings.
  • Great selling skills.
  • Great sales tools.

and makes selling a delight for you.


The purpose of Waah Ustaad is to support sales people as well as build sales team motivation in doing a great job with time-proven great sales techniques.

Who is Waah Ustaad for?

Our program helps sales people boost their ability to determine lucrative opportunities, address and overcome objections smoothly and use proven sales-techniques depending on the situation as well as makes the process of selling interesting by motivating your sales team.


Make your organization more profitable by training salespeople with the unique selling system of Waah Ustaad that is more powerful than traditional sales techniques.


Our selling skills training programs are equally advantageous for people working in various sales roles across your team, including sales reps, executives as well as sales managers and even those handling accounts. They are also great for business people that want to learn the ins and outs of the selling process.


It’s a new paradigm that enables salespeople to achieve outstanding results making them top performers and master negotiators with selling tricks that actually work!
That is exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Course Structure

How are the sessions conducted?

  • The sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of fun.
  • The sessions are governed by love to inspire and are inspired by love.
  • The sessions are celebratory, down-to-earth, insightful, and profound.
  • The sessions have superb interactions that make learning deep and easy.
  • The sessions use time tested tools that help participants see things in a new light.



What is the course structure?

  • It is an eight-session online training program.


Marketing and sales professionals


19th April 2021 to 13th May 2021

Every Monday and Thursday

Time: 10 am – 12 pm

Venue (Platform)

Online – Zoom


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