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Sacred Space

What is the SACRED SPACE program?
Why choose sacred space?
Course Structure
What is the SACRED SPACE program?

Narendra Goidani’s SACRED SPACE is a one week spiritual healing retreat program that masterfully guides you inward to feel, connect and achieve inner peace (stillness) releasing anxiety, destroying fears and removing confusions that lurks within. It’s a program designed at its core to tackle the day to day challenges of life. 


When one is in ‘Sacred Space’, there is presence of joy, warmth and immense love all around. When one is in ‘Sacred Space’, there is a feeling of incalculable inner wealth. 


Sacred Space is filled with opportunities for private reflection. Private reflection…

  • is a constant reminder on how crucial it really is to see the wonders in life.
  • helps in connecting with yourself and the divine.
  • is essential for meditation.
  • improves one’s mental and emotional well being .
  • offers a profound feeling of free-flowing energy.



To help you understand better on what the spiritual retreat called SACRED SPACE is, let us tell you about an interview.

The interviewer is called ‘J’. The interviewee is MAA (Moussa Ag Assarid). 


J: What is your age?

MAA: I don’t know my age. I was born in the Sahara desert, with no papers. I was born in a nomadic camp of Touaregs, between Timbuktu and Gao, in the north of Mali.


 J: What do they do for a living?

MAA: We shepherd camels, goats, sheep, cows and donkeys in a kingdom of infinite and of silence…


 J: Is the desert really so silent?

MAA: If you are on your own in that silence you hear your heartbeat. There is no better place to meet yourself.


 J: What memories do you have of your childhood in the desert?

MAA: I wake up with the Sun. My father owns a few goats there. They give us milk and meat, and we take them where water and grass is present. My great-grandfather did it, and my grandfather, and my father, and me. There was nothing else in the world than that, and I was very happy!


 J: Really? It doesn’t sound very exciting.

MAA: It is. At the age of seven, you can go alone away from the camp, and for this you are taught the important things—to smell the air, to listen, to see carefully, to orient with the Sun and the stars… and to be guided by the camel if you get lost. He will take you where there is water.


 J: To know all that is valuable, no doubt.

MAA: Everything is simple and profound there. There are very few things, and each one has enormous value.


J: So that world and this one are very different?

MAA: There, every little thing gives happiness. Every touch is valuable. We feel great joy just by touching each other, being together. There, nobody dreams of becoming, because everybody already is.


 J: What shocked you most on your first trip to Europe?

 MAA: I saw people running at the airport. In the desert, you only run if a sandstorm is approaching! It scared me, of course.


 J: They were going after their baggage, ha ha.

MAA: Yes, that was it.


 J: What do you dislike the most here?

MAA: Many people here have everything, and it is still not enough for them. They complain. Here[ in the modern world] people complain all the time. They chain themselves to a bank; many people are anxious to have things, to have possessions. People are in a rush. In the desert there are no traffic jams, and do you know why? Because there nobody is interested in getting ahead of other people!


 J: Tell me about a moment of deep happiness for you in the desert.

MAA: It happens every day, two hours before sunset. The heat decreases, there is still no cold air, and men and animals slowly return to the camp, and their profiles are painted against a sky that is pink, blue, red, yellow, and green.


 J: That sounds fascinating.

MAA: It’s a magical moment… We all get into the tents and we boil tea. Sitting in silence we listen to the sound of the boiling water… We all are immersed in calmness: with the heartbeats tuned to the rhythm of the boiling water, potta potta potta…


 J: How peaceful.

MAA: Yes…here you have watches. There, we have time.


 Thus, a SACRED SPACE is a spiritual retreat where time stands still and everything is beautiful.



Here is another anecdote for you that involves a monk who has spent years in spiritual exercises.


A few years ago, an elderly monk arrived in India after fleeing from a prison in Tibet. Meeting with the Dalai Lama, he recounted the years he had been imprisoned, the hardship and beatings he had endured, the hunger and loneliness he had lived with, and the torture he had faced.


At one point the Dalai Lama asked him, “Was there ever a time you felt your life was truly in danger?”


 The old monk answered, “In truth, the only time I truly felt at risk was when I felt in danger of losing compassion for my jailers.”


"Sacred Space" is also a spiritual healing retreat that has many experiences of compassion like the one that the old monk had.


For details contact Jo @ 7721065000 / jo@lifeschool.co.in


Why choose sacred space?

A boy asked his father, “Dad, how big is God?” Looking up at the sky his father saw an airplane and asked his son, “How big is that airplane?” The boy responded, “It’s small, Dad! You can hardly even see it!”


Then the father took his son to the airport. Standing in front of one of the airplanes, the father asked, “And now, how big is the airplane?” The boy responded, ” Oh Daddy, this plane is enormous.”


At this point, the father said to him, “That’s how it is with God. How big he is, depends on the distance between you and Him. The closer you are to him, the bigger he is in your life”.


In SACRED SPACE you feel HIS presence in you and around you. In SACRED SPACE you meet your pure essence again. Your inner demons are conquered and put to rest.


In this program,


  • Individuals learn how to connect with the sacred space that is the inner refuge which exists in all of us.
  • You will notice a considerable difference in your speech and mind helping you transform the way you see people, situations and things in a much positive light assisting you in bringing balance to the workplace, family life etc.



Whether you are religious, non-religious or something in between, the Sacred Space program will help you pause and reflect on what truly matters – loving the world, practising gratitude and most importantly being kind to yourself.



If you haven’t yet understood what SACRED SPACE is, then this program is not for you.


Only qualified participants are allowed to experience the spiritual retreat of Sacred Space that is filled with spiritual exercises. If you are interested, let us know. We will revert back to you.

Course Structure

How are the sessions conducted?

  • The sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of fun.
  • The sessions are governed by love to inspire and are inspired by love.
  • The sessions are celebratory, down-to-earth, insightful, and profound.
  • The sessions have superb interactions that make learning deep and easy.
  • The sessions use time tested tools that help participants see things in a new light.



What is the course structure?

  • It is a one week residential program conducted once a year.
  • It is scheduled in the second week of January in the outskirts of Pune.
  • FREE life long follow-ups every Sunday morning


18+ with spiritual aspirations


9th Jan 2023 – 13th Jan 2023

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