Life Coaching

Life School has developed different motivational programs to help people live, love and learn.

Let’s Explore

Alter your life for the better by enrolling in the inspirational life coaching “let’s explore” program by Naren Goidani that inspires potential and ignites transformation.

Wow Parenting

The objective is to provide parenting guidance so as to help you fulfill your goals as a parent and enable you to unlock your child’s potential by giving you the right guidance.

Sacred Space

SACRED SPACE is a spiritual retreat where time stands still and everything is beautiful.

Made for Each Other

Are you a married couple struggling or one that wants a jump-start or re-alignment of their relationship? We have just the marriage mentoring program for you!

What’s your Excuse?

Minimize the effects of hedonistic adaptation on happiness and defeat it right down to the wire with the “What’s your Excuse” Program.

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