Most of us lead our life in two dimensions.


1. People – which is family and friends

2. Profession – which is work


What about growth?

What about doing things for yourself?


Growth could mean, becoming a better communicator or attempting a half marathon.


Self Care could mean writing a book, or learning public speaking or wanting to go on a road trip.


Lets take a deeper dive.


Life is not just about being ‘right with people’ or ‘progressing professionally’.


3. It is equally important to do something for your growth AND


4. To reward yourself and to take care of yourself.


Most of us need to move from a 2 dimensional life ( people and profession ) to a 4 dimensional life ( people, profession, growth and self care ).


People have often asked me this question – “How can you do what you do and still remain so positive and calm?


It is because, when work is not going great guns, my personal growth energises me. Sometimes when relationships have coldness, work energises me. So on and so forth.


What is wonderful is that each one of these 4 dimensions of people, profession, growth and self care have the power to fill is with positivity, energy, meaning, purpose, expression, joy, celebrations, and what not!


In the past 24+ years as a mentor and as a coach, at any given point of time, at least 2 of these 4 aspects are going great guns. Often, all 4 are in rocking!


That’s why there is no need to say things like…


– Nothing is working out
– Everything is in a mess
– No one understands me
– What’s the point?
– How long do I need to struggle?
– Life is not fair
– Etc


In most lives, we don’t have to waste time finding the silver lining in dark clouds. The truth is that the silver lining is ALWAYS bigger than the darkest of clouds.


If you ask me, “naren, out of these 4, what gives you the most energy? What MUST go right for you to feel in command and control?”


Well, my answer will be “My personal growth is the most important dimension for me. I long for personal growth. I need a major, major personal growth project every 12 months. Without this, life becomes too mundane, too boring, too routine.”


What about you? Of these 4 dimensions of people, profession, growth and self care, what is super critical for you? Is there a 5th dimension that matters more to you?


Would love to know your thoughts…

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