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Life School has developed different motivational programs to help people live, love and learn.

Lets explore

Let’s Explore is Life School’s “signature life coaching course” for those who want to be masters of their life.

Life Coaching

It's an inspirational life mentoring program that empowers individuals holistically.

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Dancing with Tigers

Dancing with Tigers is a life skills and mentoring program for youngsters.

Youth Mentoring

It fills them with self-belief and helps them unleash their potential by learning how to create Winning Habits and a ‘I Can’ approach to life.

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Corporate Training

Business Development Corporate program (BDC) is an intense program that requires vision, commitment and courage from the business owners.

Business Coaching

A great player is rarely an equally good business coach. A great actor is rarely an exceptional director. A great doctor is rarely a great hospital owner.

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Life School’s ‘BERI’ provides this ‘coaching’ to ambitious businessmen.

Business Coaching

Ambitious business leaders never stop growing. They seek a business mentor who helps find learnings hidden from ordinary eyes.

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Waah Ustaad

‘Waah Ustaad’ is such an incredible problem-solving training for sales people.

Business Coaching

It offers sales techniques that help sales people in skill development.

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Mentor +

Mentor+ Think BIG. Think DIFFERENT.

Business Coaching

Athletes, businessmen, professionals routinely attribute their success to Mentors.

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People Inspired

Inspiring human being’s to reach their full potential

Narendra Goidani is a life coach who believes, inspired people do much more than non-inspired people. Hence, the clarion call of LifeSchool is – “Let’s Inspire”. As a professional life coach, Naren has succeeded in inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials (through their signature program – Lets Explore). If you are looking for the best life coach in India, your search ends here.
Life School was founded in 2010 to provide people in Pune, the best life coaching experience. As a professional life coach, till now Naren has trained around 4000 people. As a life coach he has completed 147 batches of his signature training programs. This highly impactful program is today called “Lets Explore”.

Narendra Goidani

Years of

Success Stories

Let's Explore helped me to break my comfort zones and zoom in on life. I thank Naren for his smart guidance to help me achieve that.
Mrunalini Doshi
Co - Founder / Gestell Technologies
The meditation processes I learnt through Let’s explore has helped me with immense peace of mind and focus on my work better.
Tanuja Ganu
Principal Research SDE Manager / Microsoft
Let's Explore helped me in growing fast in my career and maintaining a work-life balance.
Gary M
Digital Transformation Head / Crompton Greeves
Mr.Narendra Goidani we are extremely grateful and honored to be graced by your presence at the conference. The thoughts shared by you are very intriguing and will go a long way in influencing our lives and work. We thank you from the bottom of your heart and look forward to having you with us again.
Empire Spices and Foods Ltd.
Ram Bandhu Parivar
The program gave me clarity on many aspects of business specifically on how to identify the starting point to get to the desired results.
Tejraaj Patil
CEO / Tejraaj Promoters & Builders Pvt.Ltd
BERI helped us realise 'RESOURCEFULNESS' is more important then having RESOURCES for any kind of success in life. we now have more CLARITY on our STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES and have gained Deep insights about how to plan our future growth."  
Girish Khetan
CEO / Khetan Udyog
At the end of the first session I knew that joining DWT is one of the best decisions of my life.The energy I felt and the way I was able to connect was amazing. I felt like a different version of me had come out, one that I loved. I look forward to every session. The sessions have changed the way i look at crucial aspects of my life. DWT is a must for every youth!
Daksh Kanoria
Dearest Naren, Love you. Last year same time I did 87th batch of Let’s Explore. That time I had set a goal for my fitness. On coming 24th Sept I will be running 21 km Marathon. Just felt like sharing with you. Many things in life have become possible only because of you.
Pankaj Mandhane
Dearest Darling Naren, Thank you for the exceptional batch 97 completed. It was one if the best experiences I went through in these 5 days and had total surrender for the first ever time. Thank you for giving me this opportunity of joining this life-transforming batch. Experienced an amazing Power, awesome excitement and fantastic time. Love u loads
Milind Mehta
Co-founder / THe Sound Factor
Dearest Naren, after the first session I was just feeling deep gratitude towards The Creator .  Let’s Explore, is a very sophisticated, cautious statement. I like your words- — let’s give it a shot. This implies we are not bothered about results, but the quality of experience of the journey.
Satish Joshi
Partner / Arhicon Designs
Darling Naren, Thank you so much for thinking about me. You have been my anchor in life in all tough situations where you helped me sail through seamlessly. Your words, gestures and wishes mean a lot to me. Thanks for believing in me even in times when I didn’t believe in myself. Thanks for being in my life. Loving you
Shripal Gandhi
Founder and CEO / Sensing Self, PTE. Ltd

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Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don't know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up!

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