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Our mission statement is ‘Lets Inspire’. Here is a little ‘WHY’ behind it.
Narendra Goidani is a life coach who believes, inspired people do much more than non-inspired people. Hence, the clarion call of LifeSchool is – “Let’s Inspire”. As a professional life coach, Naren has succeeded in inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials (through their signature program – Lets Explore). If you are looking for the best life coach in India, your search ends here.
Life School was founded in 2010 to provide people in Pune, the best life coaching experience. As a professional life coach, till now Naren has trained around 4000 people. As a life coach he has completed 133 batches of his signature training programs. This highly impactful program is today called “Lets Explore”.
Besides being a very successful life coach, naren is also greatly in demand as a business coach. 100s of businessmen swear by his practical business advices. As a business coach, he has this outstanding ability to go to the root of the problem and solve it with practical implementation plans. Many businessmen would vouch and say that he is the best business coach not only in Pune but in the whole of India. As a business coach he has created a time tested program called ‘Business Excellence’.

Inspiring human being’s to reach their full potential

Recognitions as an influential “Force of Goodness” to our Society

Helping Individuals Succeed and Achieve Excellence for Years

Corporate Trainer & Business Coach

There are leaders and there are those who ‘lead’. Leaders hold a position of power or authority. But those who lead, inspire us. Whether they are individuals, institution or organizations, we follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we WANT to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves.

— Narendra Goidani
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