Dearest Darling Friends.


Did you know what all a super small and tiny, itsy-bitsy dot can do?


– A small dot can stop a BIG sentence.
– A few more dots give continuity.
– A dot on top of a small line makes it an i.
– A dot on top of a comma changes what it is.
– A series of dots indicate space to be filled (sign on dotted lines).
– In maths, a dot can represent a decimal point, as in 3.14.
– In the world of design, a dot can be used as a graphic element, such as in the middle of a letter “i” or as a design feature in a pattern.
– In computer science, a dot can be used as a separator in a web address (e.g., or as part of a file extension (e.g., myfile.docx).


In a broader sense, a dot can represent a point or a mark, create space to be filled or fill as space that has been created, add distinction to an electronic address, be a work of art or add art to many different kinds of work.


The shifting of a dot can alter the value of a number and the presence of a dot can complete an expression.


A dot can be used to play games like ‘dot and dash’ and also to create grids.


A dot is not just a dot. It is a dot with infinite possibilities.


Even if you and me are just a dot in this HUGE existence, we too have infinite possibilities. Live with this conviction and enjoy being a dot.


With love from one dot (me) to another dot (you),


naren (a dot)

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