Dear Darling Friends,


1. When a surfer gets up on a wave, they enjoy the moment, knowing with certainty that this wave will eventually end.


Insight – What a wonderful application of ‘everything is temporary’.


2. The surfer fully enjoy THIS wave, knowing with certainty that there are ‘always’ more waves coming.


Insight – What a wonderful way to ‘remove’ all desperation and panic.


3. The surfer knows with certainty that they don’t have to ride every single wave that comes their way.


Insight – What a wonderful way to accept the limitations of human beings and to acknowledge the unlimited abundance provided by nature.


4. The surfer knows with certainty that 90% of the time they won’t be riding the wave, but just paddling and waiting.


Insight – What a wonderful way to show up, position oneself and abide your time.


5. Finally, the surfer knows with certainty that the only way to ride the way is by putting oneself out there in the water. No one catches any waves by sitting on the shore.


Insight – What a wonderful way to understand the critical importance of action.


This year, I am going to consciously practice the above 5 insights. I am sure they will help me be happier, and more successful as I SURF through life.


If you have a minute, do let me know what are your thoughts on these 5 Life Insights from a Surfer’s life?


Your thoughts?

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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