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Did you know, which is that ‘certificate on display’ at Warren Buffett’s office?


*No, it is not an investment seminar he attended that gave him insights on investing.
*No, it is not the business course that he attended that expanded his business acumen.
*No, it is not the financial management course that helps him deal with the money he has.


Surprise, surprise, surprise. The ‘certificate on display’ in his office is the certificate he earned after completing a public-speaking course, on his second attempt, from the Dale Carnegie Institute of US.


Warren Buffett says it is the most valuable degree he has. For a man who’s worth is $87 billion, that’s an incredible thing to say.


He says, public speaking opened his eyes to the possibility of ’persuading’ others.


My dear friends, make ‘persuasion’ as the ‘must have‘ skill for yourself. Come to think about it, persuasion is a fundamental life skill today. In a world built on ideas and driven by execution, the persuaders have an unparalleled competitive edge over other mortals.


A manager’s most crucial role is persuading another person to take action.


A leaders most crucial role is persuading another person to take up giant tasks.


A parent’s most crucial role is to persuade their children to balance ‘fun, food, friendship, family with studies.’


People have biases. People have priorities. People are a slave to perceptions. In this scenario, if we have the ability to ‘ change minds’ – uff, you will be THE person who has an edge over others. You will have a better grip over your life.


Behavior can be changed by compulsion, but minds cannot. A mind needs persuasion to change.


Ability to persuade, sets people apart. A coder who has coding skills, might start at Rs 4,00,000/- pa. A coder who can speak to the client and persuade them to give his organisation a bigger job can easily command 3 times more.


*Look around at people who get promoted much faster than their peers.
*Look around at startups who have raised large amounts of money.
*Look around at businessmen who crack huge business deals.
*Look around at salesmen who routinely cross their targets.
*Look around at people whose careers are soaring.


You might find that the common factor among them is – ‘the ability to persuade others’.


May this quality be your ‘best friend’ too. As you read this article, may you be nodding your head and saying, ‘I know it. I have it.’


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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