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Its all about mindset. Success, happiness, opportunities, turnarounds…it is all about mindset.


Carol Dweck speaks about ‘Growth Mindset’ in her seminal book ‘Mindset’.


In 2006, Australian cricket team reached Bangladesh after a long draining season. Brett Lee famously said, ‘There is no fuel in the tank, only fumes’.


At the end of the first day of the first test match, Bangladesh were 355 for 5 . In the press conference that followed, their captain said, “100 more runs and we will be safe.” Ouch!


Bangladesh has an advantage. It can go on to win. However, the captain wants to ensure they do not lose!


The next day Australia were 145 for 6. In the press conference, Adam Gilchrist said, “We are in a bit of a hole. Let us see how to win from here.” Wow!


Australia went on to win that test match by 3 wickets. Australia went on to win that series 2-0.


In tough times, I always ask myself, are you the Bangladesh cricket team of that match or are you the Australian cricket team of that match?


My answer always is “Australian cricket team”.


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Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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