Dearest Darling Friends,


Oh no. It turned out to be a bad decision. I will never do it again.


Hello! Stop! Before we jump into saying, I will never do it again, let us analyze a little.


Was it a wrong choice or faulty execution or bad follow through that made it a bad decision? Did you think too short term or was the time frame ambitious?


Did wrong focus or wrong priorities sway your judgment?


Was it the arrogance of being overconfident or the impatience of not waiting for more information that did you in?


Was it about the desire to follow the herd or maybe going against the crowd that was the mistake?


By any chance, were you trying to teach someone a lesson when actually you were hurting yourself?


Behind every invention, there are thousands of failed experiments. The thing is since there is learning from every failed experiment, ultimately, success is attained.


More than the failure, it is the failure to learn that hurts us. And yes, if we did learn from the failure, was it a failure after all?


With love, prayers and best wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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