Yesterday, I was watching a TV serial, Hustler.


I was amazed to see the hero Sanjay Sharma so resourceful, so determined and so courageous.


He is a living example of being a ‘High Agency Person’.


Now, now, are you asking yourself, who is a ‘High Agency Person’?


When you are told that something is impossible, do you believe in it, or does it start a second dialogue in your mind?


Do you start thinking how to do what someone just said is ‘impossible’? Here are some scenarios…


  • How to get past this watch man who told me that I can’t come into this building?
  • How to sell my product when I am not meeting people face to face?
  • How to deliver greater results with the same team?
  • How to get the dream job without great academics?
  • How to get people to invest in my business idea?


A High Agency Person has a sense that the story given to you by other people about what you cannot do, is a MYTH. Those people are speaking about themselves and not about YOU.


A ‘High Agency Person’ believes they are the author of their LIFE STORY.


A ‘High Agency Person’ looks to bend reality to their will and skill.


A ‘High Agency Person’ either finds the way, or they make a way.


On the other hand, a low agency person accepts the story that is given to them.


  • They never question it.
  • They proclaim being helpless.
  • They suffer bouts of self sympathy.
  • They outsource their decision making to other people.


We can describe a person with high agency in one word – ROAR – ‘Relentlessly Optimistically Assertively Resourceful”.


Imagine you are stuck in a bad situation and you had to call one person to get you out of there – whom would you call? That person is a ‘High Agency Person’.


I am sure you must be knowing a few ‘High Agency’ people.


Call them today and let them know their importance in your life. You might just make their day! They deserve it.


Be a ‘High Agency Person’. They are the people who lead and create inspiring stories. The world needs them.


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