Dearest Darling Friends,


  • Wedding is an event, love is a practice.
  • Graduation is an event, education is a practice.
  • Race is an event, fitness is a practice.


The statement – “Wedding is an event, love is a practice” is the essence of long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. While the wedding itself represents a significant milestone, the true essence of love unfolds through daily acts of care, empathy, and understanding.


Love involves consistent efforts to nurture the emotional bond, communicate effectively, and adapt to the evolving needs of both partners.


Similarly, “the graduation is an event, education is a practice” underscores the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and personal development beyond the ceremonial moment of graduation.


Education goes beyond the acquisition of academic credentials. It embodies continuous learning, critical thinking, and the cultivation of diverse skills.


It also involves exploration of new ideas, application of knowledge in real-world scenarios, and the commitment to intellectual growth throughout one’s life.


In terms of physical well-being, “the race is an event, fitness is a practice” reminds us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, beyond the temporary exertion of a race.


While a race represents a specific event, fitness encompasses a holistic approach to well-being involving regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and high energy levels.


The above 3 statements illustrate the intrinsic difference between transient events and enduring practices.


Embracing love as a practice, education as a practice, and fitness as a practice ensures a fulfilling life far beyond the fleeting nature of singular events.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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