Dearest Darling Friends, 


In the serene sanctuary of a Zen master’s hermitage, there exists an unexpected directive: learn how to fight.


Curious, a disciple queried the master on the rationale behind such an insistence.


The master’s response, though simple, echoed profound wisdom:

“It is better for a gardener to be a warrior in a garden than being a gardener in a war.”




A Zen warrior’s mindset is inherently aligned with peace.


However, this does not preclude preparation for the possibility of conflict.


Recognizing the potential threats that may arise, they equip themselves with self defence skills, understanding that one day, someone may challenge their peace, even threaten their existence.


A wise person has said, ‘In times of war, prepare for peace. In times of peace prepare for war’.


Sounds paradoxical? Or does it sound super practical to you?


Let us know your thoughts.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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