One of the nicest things that you can say to someone who has just got something good is…
“Well deserved”


A congratulation is good for luck, windfall, chance, lottery, kismat and things like that.


“Well deserved” is reserved for results produced because of herculean effort, daring risks, bravery, patience, persistence, a leap of faith, grit, optimism, compassion, innovation, alertness, tenacity, fairness, superb homework, and things like that.


“Well deserved” is from the heart and always genuine.


“Congratulations” may be fake.


“Well deserved” has been earned. Congratulations may be by default. Imagine someone winning a hard-fought game vs someone getting a walkover. What would you say when?


What is amazing is that we can choose what kind of greeting we want.


Well deserved or congratulations?


What makes sense to you my dearest darling friend?


Do let me know your thoughts….


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life


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