In continuation of the last LSI, here are 10 habits that unreliable people have.


I am sure, you have none of them. Unreliable people…


1. Promise but do not offer help
2. Disappear when needed and play hard to find
3. Have chronic punctuality problems
4. Grab the credit of others
5. Are careless in their conduct
6. Depend on others to fix their problems
7. Don’t keep proper records (at work)
8. Over Plan more under act
9. Don’t take their mistakes seriously
10. Expect to be forgiven all the time


Unreliable people are like roadblocks in the smooth ‘long drive’ of life.


They jar us and hurt us the way we get hurt when our car drives through a huge pothole.


Knowing of these points will help you to stay away from unreliable people.


All the best.


Your thoughts?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,




Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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