Everyone in the world loves to relate to reliable people. You do. I do, everyone does.


So the question is how to find out if someone is reliable or not?


On a lighter note, here are a few pointers that I have found to be reliable to find out the reliability of people.


These pointers are not perfect but they help.


Let’s find out how many of these you have. I pray you to score 10 / 10.


1. Carry genuine confidence
2. Speak with specifics
3. Are transparent about their mistakes
4. Welcome tough jobs
5. Can meet hard deadlines
6. Hit the ground running and then speed up
7. Are inquisitive
8. Accept defeat graciously
9. Always pass on the credit
10. Body language remain stable in times of stress and strain


So, did you score 10 /10? I was rooting for you. Let me know how well did it go.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



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