You must have heard these words when actors and actresses are about to give their shot.

The Director of the movie calls out these words and the performers know it is time for ACTION.

In real life, we don’t have anybody who will call out ACTION for us.


It is up to us to decide when, where, and why, we should move into ACTION.


We create plans, we want to act on them but we hold ourselves back. We often find ourselves trapped in INaction’, isn’t it?

Here are a few scenarios.

1) I want to start exercising but I have been postponing it.
2) I made a planner for my self-improvement but I haven’t started following it.
3) I know meditation is very helpful and the right thing to do but still have not started it for some or other reason.


…and the list goes on and on. An important question is, why is there is a gap between my intentions and action.

Why? And more importantly, how can I fill that gap?


Reason: We postpone things because we feel uncomfortable when we move out of our comfort zone.


Solution: It is normal to feel this way. We are indeed comfortable when we are working within our comfort zones.

Whenever we wish to break our comfort zones our mind signals to us that it is about to be very uncomfortable.

Not wanting to be uncomfortable in life, we postpone action


BE AWARE of this thought and remember, we do not defeat our comfort zones by taking leaps.

We defeat our comfort zones by making small moves.


Start exercising small. Just 10 mins a day. The mind is ready for a 10 min exercise, a 10 min discomfort.
Start meditating small. Just 10 mins a day. The mind is ready for 10 mins of stillness, just 10 mins of inaction.
Start working on your development. The mind is ready for 10 mins of improvement, just 10 mins of contemplation.


Build up consistency. Focus on consistency. That is the key. Consistency. Time will get built automatically.


You will defeat the comforts that the mind seeks to trap you in through these small steps.

That small 10-minute exploration will help your mind create new mental limits of comfort.


By taking small actionable steps (and not by taking leaps) you break out of your comfort zones and move into long-term ACTION.


Why don’t you give this a shot and let me know how did they work for you? Looking forward to reading your messages.


P.S. There are two more factors for ‘not taking action’.

I will discuss them over the next two weeks.

Allow me to share one small action step at a time with you.

That is the key, isn’t it?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,




Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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