A thorn pricks your feet. You take another thorn and take out the first thorn.


What will you do with the thorns?


a. Will you keep holding it in your hand?

b. Will you frame it as a trophy?

c. Will you throw it?


The answer is obvious.

The thorns are of no use to you. Neither are you of any use to the thorns. Then, why keep it?


– It was a great relationship. For some reason, good or bad, things didn’t work out. Both of you are no more ‘right’ for each other. Stop bickering. Move on.


We WILL NOT store the thorns that have outlived their purpose.


– When a ‘core’ employee is not sincere anymore, what do you do?

Hold on to them and look the other way around? Hope that he will change by himself.


We WILL NOT store that thorn that has outlived its purpose.


– A pen has a broken nib. It has outlived its purpose.

– A fax machine at the office has outlived its purpose.

– A shoe that is badly worn out has outlived its purpose.


Throw away the thorn. Let go of toxic relationships. Say ‘bye’ to the insincere employee.


Let go of everything that has outlived its purpose. Once upon a time, it might have been valuable. Today it is junk/toxic.


Get life right by doing what must be done. That’s tough. That’s emotional. Yet, that’s the right way.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life


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