Dearest Darling Friends,



In the park, a few months old toddler on the next bench, looks at me. It is an open look. Direct from her – to me. She doesn’t know yet that strangers are not supposed to connect. She does not put this knowledge between herself and me. There is nothing in between. I look back. I smile. I wonder, and will her, to smile back. Her parents make her sit down and face forward. She attempts to look again. It’s awkward for her to bend forward, to look at me. Yet she does. Her parents think she will fall. They pull her back. In a few minutes, they leave. But then, when they all leave, she turns around, and looks again. After all, we have connected. Therefore, she wouldn’t JUST leave.



In the play school, children look at the teacher searchingly, openly, reachingly. They put nothing in between. The teacher is concerned with the books and the toys and the bags and what she needs to teach today and DOES NOT look back. The children keep looking. The teacher sees them but does not ‘look’.



Do only little children keep nothing between? Adults too can. However, it is only in special cases and for very small bits of time.



If WE meet, I would not look at you like that, nor would I notice if you looked.



If you are an old friend, I would respond using the familiar set of response between the two of us.



If you then wanted to relate in some fresh, deep way, it would take me some effort to put our usual set of greetings and dialogues and concerns aside, to put my concern about MY life challenges aside, and to fresh paint my mood so that I am no longer languishing inside it.



But it would be easier to depend on my automatic ‘unconnected’ ways.



If I really want to be with you, I will keep nothing in front of me.



When I keep nothing in between, when you look at me, you will find ME. We will connect. I won’t hide. You might not look, of course.



If you don’t look, then, you will meet an insufficient person. It will be an incomplete relationship. It will be ‘hollow’. There will be a surface but nothing beneath it.



For a complete relationship, no special kind of human being is required. You just need to look. Look without anything in between.



If you ever need one, we are waiting for you.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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