Dear Friends,



This Sixty is a ‘mix’ty thing.



Today is June 20th, 2016. Yesterday I completed 60 years. Am I Old or Young?



These are my thoughts of day before yesterday, addressed to myself. Yes, yes, my friends…you do things like this when you are sixty.



You feel,



You are WANTED everywhere and NEEDED nowhere,



In reality,



You are NEEDED somewhere and strictly NOT WANTED somewhere.



You are like BIRBAL’s tall and bachcha lines.



Tall ­­ in the working youth group.



BACHCHA ­­ among the senior citizens.



Sometimes you feel on CLOUD Number NINE (with all respects to Bryan Adams),



That you are being taken care off with respect.



And sometimes, YOU regret, even feel a tad scared,



That you are becoming DEPENDENT.



Sometimes You feel,



You have done lot many things in these sixty long years.



And then you realize,



You have missed on so many things in these sixty years.



Yes, This Sixty is really a ‘mix’ty thing.



Till today, searching for JOY for a REASON was but natural.



Now, I feel,



HAPPY within,



For no apparent reasons.



Learning for the sake of learning,



Caring without expectations,



Waking up every day for making life more meaningful,



Carry more weightage.



Am I not a BACHCHA in this side of the age group?



Then why not live childlike?



Curious of everything around,



Unprejudiced and non judgmental.



Soaked in, this very moment,



With mind, body and soul.



It’s another story then,



That I will be WANTED everywhere and NEEDED nowhere.



Written by Satish Joshi



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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