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Thursdays have become more special nowadays for me :). I have realized over a period of time that there are so many wonderful people around me and I tended to ignore that. I decided to write a thank you note EVERY Thursday.



Something amazing happened today. While I sat to write today’s note, I am thinking who to thank first? Guess what? The first person I think of, walks in in that moment :).



This week’s thank note is to a brave girl who has been working with us for quite some time now (it’s been years). I don’t want to name her here (so this note will be without a name) but I must say, people like her make me feel blessed, give me more power and strength. I am grateful to god to have such strong people around. This girl is a single parent. She has a daughter to take care of.



A few days back she reported a problem with her arms and she was diagnosed with a cancerous lump. She was advised immediate surgery. She got that done, thankfully she was covered under ESIC and it saved her hard cash. She is under rehabilitation currently and is off work, but she just walked in with a smile to say, “Sir, meri leaves 1.5months ke liye extend karni hai”, all with innocence.



Then comes the shocker when I asked her “Kyun”? She said with same smile, “Sir, wo diagnosis mein Cancer nikla hai, to therapy chalegi 1.5 mahine tak”.



I am shattered inside, with a question “Why to this lady? She is so nice”. But, then her smile and strong approach towards this situation made me regain my composure.



I am sure she will win it over. Every time I think about her, I understand, have no pains or regret or challenges whatsoever. May God bless her! Thank you so much for being around…



What do you think my dear darling reader friend?



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