1. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Enjoy. Play in the dirt.


2. Don’t just keep weeding and pointing out what is bad. Replace it with something that you love and whatever gives you pleasure.


3. There’s a time to stop, to let go, to go inside and when you come back you come back stronger. You return to stronger roots.


4. You may start small but leave room around yourself to grow.


5. Hold on to your belief, the seed will grow into a shrub which will grow into a tree.


6. Work till you hurt.


7. Stop! to enjoy nature’s beauty which you have created in partnership.


8. At any given time /season something is perfect in the garden and something doesn’t work. Accept that.


9. There’s a time in life to start and a time to stop. On that count, you turn to Nature.


10. Listen. Look. Feel the peace.


11. Honour who you are. My garden says, don’t try to be something you are not.


12. Everything created by Nature, including humans, is born to grow and phase away.


We thank Mrs. Aruna Katara for these wonderful insights.


Dear readers, some of you must be nature/garden lovers too.


Do let us know what does your garden teaches you about life.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,




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