You are going to a friend’s place for dinner. However, you are going to his home for the first time. The area where he lives is unfamiliar to you. You get lost.



You ask someone for directions. To your chagrin, he sarcastically informs, you have driven 550 meters past the turn you were supposed to take. You have ‘missed’ the turn!



You scratch your head in disbelief. You blame the incessant chattering of the girls in the car for the ‘miss’. Now, what will you do?



Keep driving ahead because you are annoyed? You have already driven 550 meters ahead, why not round off the distance to 1000 meters? A rounded number looks cute and nice, isn’t it?



Would you do that knowing fully well, to reach your destination, the right thing to do is to take a ‘you’ turn right now?



When we are moving in the wrong direction, we WILL take an immediate ‘you’ turn.



Isn’t it strange that I am smoking/drinking / doing drugs / having an affair, and I say, “I want to give it up”. And then, I DELAY.



I say to myself, from the new year, after Diwali, after we move to the new home, once my business stabilizes, I am PLANNING to give it up.



Why not now?

– The right time to change is RIGHT NOW.

– The best time to stop cheating is RIGHT NOW.

– The best time to let go of the past haunting memories is RIGHT NOW.

– The best time to let go of habits that cheat you of ‘Life’, is RIGHT NOW.

– The best time to make a decision that has the power to change your life is RIGHT NOW.



Is there a good reason you are delaying it for?

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
Change your thoughts. Change your life
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