The buyer is having a tough time making a decision to buy your product.


And as a seller, you know the product is great for the buyer and you want to get the sale.


What do you do in this scenario?


The Lincoln close technique comes to your rescue.




Take a sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line and divide the paper into two.


Title the left column as ‘Cons’. Title the right column as ’Pros’.


Together with the customer, list out the pros and cons of a purchase.


Make sure the pros column is longer and stronger.


If you start by writing the cons, it will be easier as you KNOW how many ‘pros’ you need.


Assume this pro-con sheet is the final decision criteria.


“Well, looks like there are many more pros than the cons. Congrats. The pros have won”.


How was this closing technique? 🙂


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