One evening Gautam Buddha was speaking to his disciples. This was his routine every evening sermon.


After the sermon, as always, he said to his disciples, ”Now, go; and before going to sleep, don’t forget your real work.”


Now, that real work was not just feeling happy because they have knowledge from Buddha. That real work was meditation.


That night one thief was listening from a distance. One prostitute was listening too for she had heard glorious things about Buddha.


The thief thought, ”My God, this man is amazing. He is saying ‘Before going to sleep, don’t forget to do your work.

He is encouraging me to steal. It is time, I must go.”


The prostitute was puzzled, ”I am sitting so far away. How on earth did Buddha recognize me?

How did he know what work I do? How did he understand that my work starts in the night?”


The thief went to steal.
The prostitute went to her work.
The sannyasins went to meditate.


Buddha had said only one thing: ”Don’t forget the work,” but the interpretation was different.


What people say does not decide anything for you. Their word cannot decide anything for you. 

It is ALWAYS YOU who decides what the world’s communication says to you. Isn’t it?


Now go ahead and type your answer to me. Tell me what did this LSM mean to you?


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