During the Second World War, America had a list of Japanese cities that they wanted to bomb.


Kyoto was on that list. But that city was removed from that list.


Do you know why America removed Kyoto from that list?


Well, Kyoto was removed from that list by America’s Secretary of War, Henry Stimson because he had gone there for his honey moon.


He had seen the beauty and culture of Kyoto. He did not want that to be destroyed.


Hence, they dropped Kyoto from that list and chose Nagasaki.


When you like something, it is difficult for you to destroy it.


When people like you, it is difficult for them to hurt you, harm you, destroy you.


Is there something about your conduct that puts people off?


Is there something about the way you speak that puts people off?


Is there something about your commitments that puts people off?


Is there something about your behaviour that puts people off?


Why start battles ( avoidable ) that are bound to hurt you unnecessarily?


Be like Kyoto. Fill people with genuine good memories about you.


It will be easy for people to help you. In today’s cut throat competitive world, that would be a great advantage, isn’t it?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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