How Alexander was defeated by his own army and what we can learn from it


As the army of Alexander reached river Beas in 326 BC, the undefeated warrior was defeated by his own army.


The army grew homesick. The soldiers started to fear they may never see their homeland.

“Thus far and no farther,” they pleaded.


Alexander had no choice but to give in to the wishes of his army. He ordered retreat.

And so, the dream of one of the greatest warriors in the world to conquer India couldn’t be fulfilled.


Moral of the story?


You can be the greatest leader in the world but you can’t win a battle without your army.


Here is an interesting question that I am posing to you.

For the battles that you wish to win, do you have a great army (a solid dependable support system) with you?


The money you want to make, the name you want to earn, the impact you wish to create, the freedom you wish to experience, the experiences you wish to collect, the holidays you are looking forward to, the expertise you wish to gain, for each and every one of them, you need a wonderful support system.


Without an army of colleagues, experts, mentors, and well wishers to make it happen for us,

our desires are standing on weak legs. Most of them won’t be fulfilled. And we will collect a lot of regrets.


In case you have already smartly created a support system, super cool! Congrats and well done.

You are an inspiration. Live a life that dreams are made of.

If you have done it yet, then, go ahead.


Create a fantastic support support and chase each and everyone of your dreams.

All the best for it. I will be cheering for you.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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