Kabir lived his whole life in Kashi. For centuries, Hindus have believed that one who dies in Kashi, their entry to heaven is guaranteed.


It does not matter what kind of person he was, whether he was a murderer, a thief, a saint, or a sinner — these things were all irrelevant. His dying in Kashi neutralizes everything and he qualifies for paradise.


That is why, in Kashi, we can find scores of old people who have come there to die. They don’t want to miss heaven.


Kabir lived his whole life in Kashi. When he was about to die he told his disciples, “Take me out of Kashi to the small village on the other side of river Ganges.”


His disciples incredulously asked, “Are you sure? People come to Kashi just to die. You have lived your whole life in Kashi, and you want to go to the other side? What kind of a choice is this? And the village you wish to die in is a condemned village. People say whoever dies there, is reborn as a donkey.”


Kabir replied, “I will go to that village, and I will die in that village. I want to enter paradise on my own worth, not because of Kashi. And I know my worth.”


Against their will, they had to take him to the other side, and he died there.


Kabir was certain of his worth.


May each of us live our life with THIS kind of confidence in our worth.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



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