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How to create world-class routines that are actually implemented?


Habit is an action done without conscious thought. For eg. brushing teeth.


Routine is a sequel of actions. For eg. waking up early, having breakfast, going to the office, etc.


Breaking of the habit can cause irritation.


Breaking of routine can be painless (Not going to the office on a Monday as it is a holiday).


Only some routines can become a habit. Routines that require analysis, cannot become a habit. While going for a run is a part of the routine, running itself can be a habit as you may do it without conscious thoughts.


Both habits and routines play a crucial role in living a good life. The better your routines, the more productive you can be.


To create a routine here are a few steps…(goes by the acronym – WADIA).


W – Welcome discomfort – See every discomfort as a wonderful part of the journey. See the bright side of every discomfort.


A – Accountability – Multiple pieces of research have proven, accountability increases results. Accountability increases focus by keeping distractions away.


D – Do it right – Do not do something for the sake of doing it. Do it with a simple goal – doing it RIGHT.


I – Intention is implementation – It is a simple point yet most people miss this point. We plan hoping things should work out. Plan to MAKE THINGS WORK OUT.


A – Allocate dedicated time – Again a super simple yet a super vital point. Research shows, when the dedicated time has been allocated, there are 70% higher chances of something getting done.


WADIA will help you in setting up great routines. May greatness become a ROUTINE thing for you.


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Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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