Among the mindsets that are popular (growth, abundance, gratitude etc.) one that provides the greatest breakthroughs is The Paradox Mindset.


It is the willingness to look at ‘and’ and not fixate on ‘either/or’.


Visualise a board meeting. The topic on the table is whether to optimise for scale or margin.


The board member with The Paradox Mindset encourages the board to look at how to optimise BOTH scale + margin.


He navigates the discussion and convinces the board that it’s need not be about either scale or margin.


Scale AND Margin is absolutely possible.


The ability to hold two apparently contradictory choices at once is rare.


It’s also a proof of three things.

1. Courage
2. High intelligence
3. Great business strategy too.


Isn’t it?


What does your experience say about The Paradox Mindset?


Has it worked for you?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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