According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had two teachers – Sage Vashisth and Vishwamitra.

One gave him knowledge of the vedas, the other taught him how to live a worldly life.

Both played critical roles. He needed both kinds of teachers.


We too need the following both kinds of teachers.


1. The theoretical and the practical.

The theoretical teacher imagines what can be done, what may work and a bias towards discussions.

The practical teacher defers to experience, cuts the crap, and has a bias towards action.


2. The spiritual and the materialistic

The spiritual teacher helps me keep my ego at bay, helps me deal with unsurmountable setbacks and

live of higher meaning. The materialistic teacher helps me maximize my potentials, enjoy the world,

and execute my responsibilities.


3. The one who expands possibilities and the one who helps stay focused.

Sometimes I need to know what are the various possibilities.

This ensures closed doors do not reduce my confidence.

And sometimes, I need to stop thinking about possibilities and stay focused.

This ensures, we act strongly when opportunity is ripe and leave legacies behind.


Walking one path, or having ONLY kind of a teacher will certainly help, but incompletely.

In order to succeed in life, all of us need ‘both kinds of teachers’ too.


Do you have them? I am sure, a smart person like you, does!


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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