Every human being has control over the following. Focussing on these will ensure we have an awesome life.


1. Control over goals. Less than 5% people ever set goals that have the power to change their life. Belong to that 5% and not the other 95%.


2. Control over reflection. There are no absolute successes or absolute failures in life…only lessons life wants us to learn.

And it keeps teaching us till we learn.


3. Control over efforts. Giving up is a disease. If the destination is really important to you, do not ever give up on the journey.


4. Control over accountability. Your enemies are not out there but the blames, complains, excuses that we give to escape accountability. Be accountable.


5. Control over strategy. If something does not work, improvise. Fine tune. Change your strategy but do not belittle your awesome dreams.


6. Control over emotions. Make your emotions your best friends. Ride on them towards glory. Do not become their slave. Be their master.


7. Control over support system. Bigger your dream, better must be your team. Create a fabulous support system.

If you are not doing well is some aspects of life, check if you have given up control on one of the above. Regain control and ‘keep moving’.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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