There is no dearth of advisors.


I am reminded of Don Corleone who said in the iconic movie ‘The Godfather – Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgment.


1. Some advisors will clear clouds of doubts, some will plot and ‘cloud your judgments’.


2. Some have good intentions, some have dubious ones!


3. Some are mature, some pretend to be so.


4. Some can see your perspective, some insist their perspective is perfect.


5. Some know how to make things simple, some prefer to make things emotional.


To help you to come out of a failure, one friend will suggest…


– drown yourself in drinks
– meditate
– seek divine blessings,
– it was karma
– be patient
– think bigger
– take help from an astrologer and so on…


Your ‘GO TO PERSON’ makes a big difference to your life!


Duryodhana was greedy. He knew what was right and what was wrong. He knew Bhishma or Vidur would NOT endorse his views. He still needed a person who would endorse his plan of action.


That way, he would not feel guilty for his wrongdoings. He needed a ‘GO TO PERSON’ who would validate his thinking.


His ‘GO TO PERSON’ became his mama, Shakuni. Result? Duryodhana graduated from bad to worse! His entire family was wiped out.


Arjuna was allowing his personal emotions to deviate him from his duty. This made him think of renouncing the war and escaping from the responsibilities he had towards upholding righteousness…


He too needed a ‘GO TO PERSON’. He was NOT searching for endorsement or validation, he was searching for guidance. His ‘GO TO PERSON’ was Krishna. Righteousness triumphed! Dharma was established.


At many points of our lives, we all need a ‘GO TO PERSON’. Who that person is, will make a huge difference to your life!


They will ‘Make you or Break you’. So, choose carefully!!!


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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