She’s not perfect. You aren’t either.
Both of you will never be 100% perfect.
Stop fussing about it.


She will be emotional about small things.
She is going to be a bundle of contradictions.
She will remember things you want her to forget.
She will not ‘come to the point’ the way you want.


If, once in a while…
– she can make you laugh
– she genuinely wishes you well
– she supports you to the best level possible for her.


…then, don’t hurt her. Hold onto her and give her the most you can.




He isn’t going to be neat and tidy
He won’t understand your feelings often
He will make some unbelievably dumb choices
He will enjoy the company of people you don’t get along well with.


If he admits to being human and making mistakes, then…

– Don’t hurt him
– Don’t want to change him
– Don’t expect for more than he can give.


Be yourself with him.

– Smile when he makes you happy
– Yell when he makes you mad
– Miss him when he is not there


Love hard when it’s possible to love. Perfect people don’t exist.

But, there’s always that one person with whom you can have many perfect moments.



With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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