I will be celebrating my 54th Birthday this 21st. I have a feeling you are going to wish me on my birthday. ThanQ. ThanQ. ThanQ.
Sitting in the balcony of my house, waiting to be wished by you, mesmerised by the falling rain drops, listening to its pitter patter as it meets the thirsty earth, I sit contemplating on my life.
The way our earth is dependant on rains for it to be worthwhile and productive, what has helped me to live a worthwhile and productive life?
I realised it has been my – My ‘Miracle Anchors’!
My Miracle Anchors are beliefs that have helped me in…
1. Taking critical decisions at the right time.
2. Navigating turbulent waters of slips and falls.
3. Believing in abundance even when I had nothing!
4. Being emotionally zen-like when everything is chaotic.
5. Building Fevicol like relationships that stand the test of time.
I started counting my miracle anchors and to my surprise I found that I don’t have one or two Miracle Anchors….I have 16 of them !!!
Phew! What a ship I have been !!! I needed 16 anchors to face the storms and sail merrily, eh!
Here are sweet ’16 Miracle Anchors’ as my birthday return gift to you. I have written these as if I am guiding myself.
1. Never play the victim.
Life will test you. It tests everyone. So you are not special. Learned helplessness is a trap. Face your problems head on to build character and resilience. Instead of thinking about why the problem is happening to you, flip the script and acknowledge that people have faced worse and emerged gloriously.
Hence, the best thing to do is move forward.
No one can save you but yourself.
No one can and no one may.
Walk and create the path.
2. Become mentally unbreakable.
Come what may, remain confident about the future.
Be like the eye of the storm. When there is chaos all around, the eye of the storm is absolutely stable.
Be like James Bond and Jason Bourne who just unbreakable.
If a Rs 1000/- wala melamine crockery set can be unbreakable, why can’t you?
You are priceless. So, how can you break?
The seed can never be buried to death. It is buried for its destiny (a mighty tree) to become a reality.
If you feel buried, be like a seed and grow roots. Morph into a mighty tree.
3. Never stress the past.
Everything is built from the present.
If you dwell too much on the past, you are destroying your future.
Past is only be a reference point not the judgement about your future.
Let go of all the negatives of the past.
Retain all the goodies from the past.
A person overthinks about the past when he does not believe in his own future.
4. No one owes you anything.
We give much less than what we take. So where is the question of anyone giving to you?
If you are motivating others, it is because someone motivated you first.
If you are helping others, it is because enough people helped you first.
If you are a strength to others, it is because enough people have been a strength to you first.
We give but a little of what we have received. If we have received 100, we have given back 10.
So shut up and give more. You have a long way to go in giving.
Cross 100 and then expect someone to give you again.
5. Do not worry about what people think.
Never depend on others approval.
Be the courageous you.
Focus on being the best you can be today.
Life will take care of you.
Have loads of fun in the process.
Everyone need not like you.
Everyone does not matter.
6. Accept your mistakes.
Its simple. If you have chosen the wrong turn, turn around.
Mistakes don’t define you. They refine you.
Tell me about only person in this world who has never failed. Just one. Found? No? See !
Accepting your mistakes sincerely also means you care.
Accepting your mistakes sincerely also means you want to ensure you wont make them again.
Accepting your mistakes sincerely also means you are genuine.
Accepting your mistakes sincerely also means you have a super positive self-esteem.
People who are vulnerable cannot accept their mistakes.
Ahah. Not accepting your mistake is another mistake.
7. Do not get overwhelmed by things you cannot control. When faced with adversities, ask yourself…
– What is in my control?
– What are the 2-3 progressive actions you can take?
– What are the most important things right now?
– When should you re-evaluate the situation?
– What can you do relax right now?
8. Do not shy away from responsibilities.
Walking TOWARDS responsibilities is the fastest path to progress.
Build a mindset to drive change and assume 100% responsibility.
The price of greatness is responsibility.
No Blame.
No Complains.
No Excuses.
9. Be relentlessly resourceful.
Some people find a way no matter how ‘impossible’ it seems.
They are innovative problem solvers.
They have the conviction that there is always a solution.
This is the person you are.
Go on and find a path around/through every obstacle.
10. Never think BAD for anyone.
Irrespective of what people have done to you, do not think bad about them.
Having bad thoughts for anyone is like holding a piece of burning charcoal and throwing towards them.
The charcoal may hit them or may not hit them, you will definitely burn your hands.
At the same time, you will also feel drained of energy.
Plus, you will lose vitality and you will not be able to enjoy all the good things that are currently present in your life.
11. Practice Problem-Solving.
The bigger the problem, the bigger is your opportunity. Be thankful for your problems.
Life only gives you what you can handle.
Problem solving can be your super power.
12. Be an Unflinching Positive person.
Blaming people or circumstances gives them power over you.
It is easy to take responsibility when you are positive.
Being an positive person means you are always on a ‘beast’ mode.
Positive people do not see roadblocks, they see opportunities.
Their energy is electrifying and infectious.
It’s fun to be positive when people around you are losing it, isn’t it?
13. Find as many mentors as you can.
Find mentors who are years ahead of you. Absorb everything they teach you. Learn from their failures so you don’t have to learn the hard way.
Never interrupt them when they are speaking.
Do not use phrases like, “I agree / I already knew it / I did the same thing a few days ago / etc.
You sound pompous when you say these things. If you don’t know which mentor to speak with, go and read a book.
14. Be constantly learning.
The ROI on learning keeps compounding and reaches upto infinity.
In a fast moving world, learning and adapting is critical.
As a leaners seek feedbacks.
As a learner, expand your skills.
As a learner, stay curious and hungry.
15. Do not be an idiot. Do not disrespect ‘anyone’ ever.
People who disrespect others are disrespected by others.
When you disrespect others, you reveal your arrogance. No one likes it.
No one cares how smart, hard working or successful you are if you do not…
1. Show empathy.
2. Collaborate well.
3. Lift others when they are down.
16. Be fun to be around.
Everyone needs people who are fun.
Work can be intense. Life can be intense.
Its such a relief to have people around who bring in…
1. Positive energy.
2. A sense of humour.
3. A lightness to the office.
People who are fun are like a mobile recharge post. They charge you up when one is drained.
While these 16 have been my miracle anchors, I am curious to know what have been YOUR Miracle Anchors?
With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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