In the olden days, a horse pulling a wagon would suddenly gallop towards a burning building and scaring the wits off the passengers.


This behaviour of the horse was called ‘The Fire Horse Effect’.


What was the reason for this peculiar phenomenon? Read on. It is interesting.


When tanks of water & hoses were the fire fighting equipment, they were heavy for firefighters to pull.


Enter horses. These horses were trained to reliably run towards a fire. Detroit even created a Horse College, along with report cards for each horse!


At some point, a fire horse would be retired and given the job of pulling wagons on the street.


Things would generally be fine, but, whenever the former fire horse heard a fire alarm or felt the presence of a fire nearby, it instinctively galloped towards the fire, terrorizing its driver and passengers.


This fire horse did a rather poor job in its new context. This is The Fire Horse Effect.


The Fire Horse Effect is why some accomplished business managers fail to recreate their earlier successes in a news organization.


Have you or people you know overcome this effect? How?


What do you think can be done about The Fire Horse Effect?


As usual, looking forward to your invaluable insights.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
As I live…I learn


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