We hear a lot of criticism about the way govt is handling the second wave of COVID 19. The criticisers are genuine.


We hear a lot of anger from people who struggled to get Oxygen and medicines for the loved ones. Their anger is true.


We hear a lot about anxiety in the minds of people regarding what may happen if they get COVID. Their anxiety is understood


We hear about black marketeers making a killing when people are dying. “Why are they so insensitive? What will they do with this kind of money? They will go to hell”, cried a dear friend of mine. His angst is deep and his
curse is born out of helplessness.


In these times of anarchy, in these desperate situations, in these times of gross callousness by a few, we also hear about 100s of people taking initiatives to help people, sacrificing their self-interest, making immense contributions, going beyond the call of their duty, and displaying large-heartedness.


These are the times when heroes are revealed. What makes these heroes different from others?


Very simply, they are the living embodiments of the 6th Century Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu’s superclass wisdom, “Do not curse the darkness. Instead, light a candle.”


If you know of any such hero, do take a few moments and share about them everywhere possible. It will inspire more Heroes to come forward and ACT.


While the pain is real and our heart goes out to all who have suffered, these are times that give us only two good choices.


1. Be a hero.
2. Help a hero.


Click here to read more about one such hero couple who has helped 1000s of COVID + patients in these trying times. Hats off to them. They are Dr Gautam Chajjed and Dr Manisha Chajjed. It’s a privilege to know them.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
As I live…I learn


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