Most of what we desire is mimetic (mi-met-ik) or imitative, not intrinsic.


We want to buy an iPhone because so many people have it.

We want to go on a holiday because everyone else is going.

We want to get the interiors of our house done because that is what everyone in our social circle have done.

We want to have a lavish wedding because that is what people expect.


Mimetic desire tends to move in one of two cycles.


1. The negative cycle – Here, mimetic desire leads to rivalry and conflict. There are two possibilities here.


a) A false belief that other people have something we don’t have and that there isn’t room for fulfilment of both their desires and ours. The belief is that there can be only ONE winner.


When someone wins, we are not able to be happy about them because we believe, if they have won, it means we have LOST!


It comes from a mindset of scarcity, of fear, and of anger. It keeps us anxious and on the edge.


b) The second possibility is when people believe they are NOT getting enough from others. Enough of…


– money
– attention
– appreciation
– love
– opportunities
– support
– justice
– etc


This comes from a mindset of self sympathy and people here wish unconditional acceptance. Laziness, comfort zones, blaming others, feeling sad, is often seen here. People here dislike struggles and are often very slow in changing. They often sulk.


2. The positive cycle – Here, mimetic desire unites people in a shared desire for some common good. This type of cycle transforms the world. People here celebrate success irrespective of whether the success is yours or mine. There is genuine happiness on others progress. Here people are mostly in an inspired state of living.


People help others go further.


Here, people love feedbacks. They are eager to change. They believe in themselves and all the setbacks of the world can’t stop them, can’t put them down.


They don’t blame, they don’t complain, they do not give excuses. They assume responsibilities and make things happen. They never sulk.


It comes from a mindset of abundance and contribution.


What are your thoughts about these two cycles and how is your relationship with them?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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