1. Sleeping late.


It may look cool, but in the long run, it’s gonna affect you badly.


2. Being rude.


We are all going through a lot. So let us just be nice to others.


3. Lying.


We may get away with it sometimes but it affects our state of mind and makes us vulnerable.


4. Smoking and drinking.


You already know the side effects. It has zero benefits and huge disadvantages.   You may choose to differ with me on this…


5. Speeding.


Contrary to what speedsters may want to believe, it doesn’t look cool and it’s not required. Sometimes, it kills.


6. Spending too much on clothing.


Having 20% more clothes than what we require is understandable. More than that is plain and simply foolish.


7. Procrastination.


It will take you nowhere. Not today, not ever.


8. Jealousy.


Apna time ayega. Till then clap and celebrate others’ victories and learn what makes them tick.


9. Sacrificing your priorities to please others.


Stop it. No one can keep everyone happy. If you attempt, it is a guaranteed trip down misery lane. And yes, no one is noticing your sacrifices.


10. Addictive use of smartphones.


We are all looking like digital zombies. Digital detox is a great idea. Let’s say, 4 hours every Sunday and invest that time with family?


Do you have any of the above habits? Have you struggled in giving them up? Did you succeed in giving them up?
Would love to know your story.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life
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