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The other day, I read a very interesting statement. It seems Eric Schimdt, the enigmatic Chairman of GOOGLE was once asked, “What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?”



His answer, “Go and get a mentor”.



I did my research and here is what I found.



Elite Athletes, Top-Notch Businessmen, High Class Professionals, routinely attribute their success to Mentors. Ambitious business leaders and ambitious professionals leverage mentoring processes for developing, engaging and retaining talent. Mentoring delivers great results in unleashing dormant potential in individuals.



From an individual’s perspective, 9 major benefits of getting mentored are…



1 Puts life on fast track

2 Enhances career development

3 Clears up emotional cobwebs

4 Speeds up leadership development

5 Improves management skills

6 Fulfilment and self-belief

7 Frees you for more important work

8 Recognition and appreciation

9 Breaks mental barriers



When I scan my life I can see the huge impact my mentors had on me. If not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.



A mentor Sri B L Mohatta taught me how to think BIG



A mentor Sri Ram Mohta taught me how to handle setbacks and never give up on yourself.



A mentor Rajan taught me how to have passion and excellence in work.



A mentor Sri Bagdi Uncle taught me whatever I do in life, I must do out of strength.



A mentor Sri Rathiji taught me how important it is to have family as a priority.



…so on and so forth.



The thing that makes mentors very powerful and impactful is that they LIVE by their suggestions. They practice what they preach. Hence, the suggestions go DEEP and initiates ACTION.



Having one mentor for ‘everything’ is OK. Having a few mentors for different aspects of life is also OK. Both work equally well.



Now, do a few things.



Identify areas in life where you want to develop big time and you wish to develop fast.



Find a role model.



Ensure they agree to mentor you.



Surrender your ego.



Get ready for MASSIVE action.



Get ready to reap the fruits.



What are you waiting for?



Go on. Start now!



If you have any questions on this topic, do write in. You will find me on this side.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given ‘only what we had thanked for’.



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