Dearest Darling Friends,



“No person can help another without helping themselves.”



To help myself I must help others. The quickest way to succeed is to genuinely help as many people as I can.



The Tatas have helped billions. This is why they have so much respect ‘ALL OVER THE WORLD’.



My favourite motivational speaker is Zig Zigler. He says, “You will get everything you want from life if you can help,enough other

people get, what they want from life.”



No one can say where the circle started after the circle got completed. When I do good, I realize it is just a circle that got completed. Hence, there are no expectations from ‘that’ act of goodness, nor from that person I helped. After all, I just completed a circle. When someone helps me, I understand, they are starting a circle that one day, I must happily complete.



To complete one circle, the other day, along with a few Life Schoolers, we decided to ‘make a difference’ in a unique way. We decided to visit the house of the poorest person each one of us personally knew. Here is a response from one participant…



Darling Naren,



Happy Afternoon,



We have visited our maid’s house on Monday evening.



The way they treated was amazing..!!! As compared to our life, they hardly have anything materialistic. But, they are soooo happy. They offered us tea and poha, with respect. They treated us as if we are a king or a queen



Before we left, we gifted her kids with toy cars and chocolates, They were very happy and we became happy to see them happy That’s really a great feeling within.



When I returned home, I realized, money wise these people are poor but when it comes to matters of the heart they are actually very rich!!!



I have realized, though I have so much, I am insecure. They have, but, little. Yet, they enjoy the joy of giving. Felt very poor in their presence. I went there to make a difference. Funnily, they made a difference in our lives.



We both (me and my husband Sandeep), will cherish this learning for rest of our life…



Love you.



Arti Sathe



My darling friend, do you agree with the thoughts expressed in this mail? Do you have any experiences that you wish to share? Would love to read them. After all, our stories help us to connect, right?



Thanks for reading. If you hit the reply button, you will find me on this side.



May you successfully complete all the circles that were started by others in your life.



With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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