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This is how a conversation with a busy man happened recently.



Man in a hurry – I have a lot of questions and I do not have time. Can you give me short and to the point answers?



Naren (Smiling) – Yes of course, I will do my best.



Man in a hurry – Is the peace that we experience in meditation ‘true’ or is it an illusion?



NarenThe peace during meditation is deep and true. That peace is THE truth.



Man in a hurry – What is the experience of meditation like?



Naren – The experience during meditation is like the moon reflected on a drop of water. The moon does not get wet. Nor does the water gets broken….Although it’s light is wide and great, the moon is reflected even in a drop. Without meditation, I am like a leaf that believes it is alone. With meditation, I am like a leaf that KNOWS it is a part of a huge tree.



Man in a hurry – ‘Why should we meditate? After all, I am so busy. Where is the time?



Naren – We have time for everything. We should have time for silence. Sadhu Vaswani says, “There are people who are afraid of silence. They need noise”. Without noise, they feel alone. With silence, you will NEVER feel alone. Vedas say, “Silence is the mother of god”.



God always wants to give you more than what you believe. Because we are not mentally ready, we do not take as much he wants us to take.



The bulb cannot light up on its own. Similarly, I cannot act on my own. When electricity flows through me, the filament works. If the filament does not co-operate…? Similarly, if we do not co-operate with existence? We end up taking much less than what he wishes to give.



To enable the filament to completely co-operate, silence helps greatly.



Man in a hurry – How?



Naren – Silence helps me to experience ‘peace of mind’. When we have peace of mind, we are fortunate. If not, we are a pauper. Today the world is in chaos for we are running behind objects forgetting the central principle of life – Peace of Mind. Peace of mind is the central pole of the tent. If the central pole is absent, the tent collapses, isn’t it?



Man in a hurry – I haven’t read about saint desiring peace of mind! It’s simply spiritual mumbo jumbo!



Naren – St Francis of Assisi would say, “Please make me an instrument of peace.”



SEVA requires energy. We get that energy from Sadhana.



Man in a hurry – I want to do a lot of service to society but I get physically tired very fast! At the end of my work, there is no energy left. What should I do?



Naren – SEVA requires energy. We get that energy from meditation. That’s why you should meditate.



The ‘Man in a hurry’ – left in deep thoughts. I do not know if he was convinced by my answers. I thought why not share it with my LSM friends and ask them, are you convinced you should meditate? Do you too have any questions about it? If you have, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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