Dear Darling Friends,

My grandmother used to say if I ever want to understand life, I should go to these 3 places :

1. A hospital

2. A prison

3. A burning ghat

She said, at the hospital, I will understand the importance of good HEALTH. There I will also understand it is pointless to chase wealth by losing health.

In prison, I will understand the importance of FREEDOM. I will also understand how precious freedom is and use it properly.

At the burning ghats, I will realize that life, with its ups and downs, is to be cherished and not lamented. I will also have gratitude for what I have and stop complaining about this and that.

My grandmother’s lesson has been of tremendous help to me in facing the COVID 19 cheerfully.

What about you? What helped you in facing COVID 19 cheerfully?

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.

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