Kabir says that we are ‘struck by the word’. My moment of being wounded happened when I read in

Dr Wayne Dyer’s book these words – “You are a miracle”.


I realised with alacrity that in the history of the world….there has been no one like me.

In the infinite of time to come, there will be no one like me. I am unique, original, the only one of its kind.


In a strangely confident way, after these words ‘struck’ me, I began to cherish my life.

Nothing about me had changed and yet nothing was the same anymore.


I told myself, “naren, you are the hero of your life and those you care about.

You are going to encounter hard times at some point. When that happens, be prepared to

endure various kinds of pain. Stay sharply focused on finding solutions during those times.”


I consciously learnt to grow from every pain, every setback, every failure, every obstacle,

every challenge, every loss, and all the other hard times in my life.


I believe Bob Marley was speaking about me when he said,

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”


My darling friend, you the lovely human being who is reading this LSM,

what has been your experience with pain and rejections and setbacks and obstacles and losses?


Would love to peep into your life and learn from your life experiences.

Will you care enough to take a few seconds and share the wisdom of your life with me?

Looking forward to it.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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